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Sabtu, 28 Juni 2008

Myspace girls picture gone wild

Here the myspace girls gone wild picture and avatar to go
Myspace Girlssexy myspacemyspace grafic

Kamis, 08 Mei 2008

Hen min Tian The Idol of Cina Actress

Actress China Name: He Mei Tian
Profession: Actress , Model
Date of birth: 1983-Dec-02
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Place of birth: Chaozhou, Guangdong, China
Height: 162cm
Weight: 43kg
Chinese zodiac: Pig
Family: Younger sister

Hen mei TianHen Mei TIan Actress of ChinaChina Hen mei tianchina ActressHen mei TianSexy Hen mei TianHen Mei TianHe Mei Tian

Rabu, 23 Januari 2008

Cute Asian Myspace Girl Angie GoGo

Asian Myspace Girl: Angie GoGo

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I’m not sure what to make of this chick as she isn’t your typical hot-looking Asian girl. There’s something very unique about her modeling style that differs from the typical Asian import models. For one thing, her Myspace profile avatar is Angie GoGo. Uh, is that her real last name or is that some type of stage name like gogo dancer. Oh well, I’ll just leave it at Angie for now.

Wow, how do you get to a face like that. Just imagine having an Asian girl in bed, and she made that face.. would that be a good thing or a bad thing? I’d like to think that Angie’s evoking some good feelings through her facial expressions. Some reeeaally good feelings.

Angie sweetie, I know I came home late from work but.. woah! What are you doing here on the floor with lingerie and some heels on? To do it on the couch or on the floor. That is the question.

I just love it when girls don’t mind kissing other girls. It’s like a whole other side of sexuality just waiting to come out. I hear on the radio about these crazy guys that complain that their girlfriends want a threesome. Are you out of your mind? If Angie was my girlfriend, and she wanted to have a threesome with me and that Asian girl wearing the hat, I would say YES in a heartbeat. Let me give it to you. Then you. Ok, now back to you. And now back to you.
More Pictures:

Myspace Profile: viewprofile&friendid=50141

Selasa, 22 Januari 2008

Myspace Asian Girls Singer Ailee

Asian Myspace Girl: Ailee

Ailee claims that she likes hip hop and r&b which I think is awesome. I love girls who are into hip hop and r&b for some reason. Don’t ask me why. I can’t explain it. But Ailee definitely has that casual urban style going for her. Kinda reminds me of the Asian girls I used to see in high school all dressed to impress and damn did it work. I couldn’t keep my eyes off some of these girls. And I bet if Ailee was sitting right in front of me, I would have failed that class right then and there! Forget physics… we’re talking chemistry baby!

It’s confirmed that Ailee’s out to sell an album any month now. She’s obviously going pro with this stuff. And I can’t blame her. She’s got the voice, the looks, and the personality to go with it. Her songs are very mellow and they’re nice to listen to. I’ll be honest, she’ll probably sell a few records here and there among the Asian community but it takes a lot more than nice mellow songs to get to superstar status. Which is okay, I’m not so sure she’s going for that anyways. It’s funny how bitchy girls like Tila Tequila get all the attention and become superstars to some extent. That’s just the way the world works but man I’d take Ailee over Tila Tequila any day of the week!

More Pictures:

Myspace Profile: viewprofile&friendid=70356020

Myspace Canada Hot Girls Jessykah.

Jessk_1 Jessk_2 Jessk_3

Jessykah. As unique as your name is and as beautiful as you are, I have to give it up to Tila for stealing the flair in this picture. But how can I compare you with Tila. She’s practically an Asian-American goddess in the world of modeling. No worries, I’d still take you home. With Tila. Can I get a threesome to go, please? No fries. I’m good.
Not much background information on this Asian chick from Vancouver, Canada except that her name is Jessykah. What a unique way to spell a name which is traditionally spelled Jessica. What were her parents smokin at the time? Just kidding, it’s a pretty unique way to add a twist to an all too popular name. I love Asian girls with names that I have never heard. I must know at least a dozen Jennifers, a few Vanessas, a handful of Emilys and a couple of Julias. Now Jessykah? That’s unique… at least in spelling.
Alright, what are we doing here? Stop right there. There’s no need for a princess to work so hard. Please, allow me to help you push your bra up for you. But really. What exactly is she doing in this picture. Goodness knows, but I can just imagine the person taking the pictures screaming “Myspace!” =)

More Pictures:

Jessk_4 Jessk_5 Jessk_6 Jessk_7

Myspace Profile:

Myspace California Asian Girls Krista Kim Nguyen

Krista Kim Nguyen Myspace Krista Kim Nguyen Myspace rKris_3

Residing in Orange County, California, Krista Kim Nguyen is a hot Vietnamese model who’s got some brains to go along with the beauty. She talks a lot about her likes and dislikes in her profile. She likes makeup, beauty, food, and getting in bed with horny guys that read websites about Asian girls’ Myspaces. Ok, so I lied about the last part. Sue me. Which reminds me, that this girl got sued for downloading music. Wow, hot chick gets sued for downloading music. Too bad it didn’t make the five o’clock news.

This is Krista with her Mecca Cafe crew. Can you spot Krista? Ok, neither can I. There’s just too many hot Asian girls, and non-Asian girls in the photo shoot here. If I had all of those girls in my room, I’m not quite sure what I’d do with all of them. Probably make them line up and wait their turn. I can take a threesome, maybe even a foursome, but a 9-on-1 might be a little too rowdy. I’d hate to get in the middle of a catfight and lose an eye over it.

The picture’s missing something. Hey, you.. yea you.. the one with the eyes glued to this website with a hard-on. Get behind Krista and pose just like her. Haha, if only. Till next time, my friends.

More Pictures:

Kris_4 Kris_5 Kris_6 Kris_7

Myspace Profile:

Sexy myspace Girls From Asian Tina Gitu

Sexy myspace Girls From Asian Tina Gitu